Sherri Warren

-Executive Director

Driven initially by a unwavering search for justice and answers to questions surrounding the unexplained death of her older brother;  Sherri Warren has been a quest for over a decade that has given her access to the policies and procedures that are prevailing in local, state and national law enforcement and the judicial system.  Committed, passionate, unwavering and refusing to be pushed aside in her journey to find answers to why her brother was hanging from a tree in Montgomery County, Maryland in 1986 ; she channeled that energy for a greater good and founded The Keith Warren Justice Foundation (TKWJF) where she serves as the Executive Director.

Ms. Warren was born in   Durham, NC where she lived until her family relocated to Silver Spring, MD.  She was educated in the Montgomery County, MD public school system and always demonstrated an inquisitive and outgoing personality.  Her small close knit family was centered on love and an abiding belief that their love could take them through all of life’s challenges together.  Sherri Warren studied psychology at the University of Maryland College Park where she was matriculating at the time of her brother’s death.  Her professional career has centered on marketing and promotion with both private and not for profit organizations.  Ms. Warren believes that every human being has unique gifts and talents that were bestowed upon them not just for themselves and their friends and family; but that we have a commitment in some way to benefit our larger communities.  This belief spurred her to work through the pain and challenges of her brother’s death and to create the TKWJF (The Keith Warren Justice Foundation). The foundation launched in 2012 and serves as a resource for victimized individuals and families who are in need of support and assistance in navigating the judicial/legal system. The foundation provides advice, legal assistance and numerous other resources which may assist in the journey for truth, justice, and accountability.

Ms. Warren has worked with numerous non profit organizations, supported and managed programs and has a keen understanding of seamless execution and reporting of projects. She has an infectious personality with draws persons to her and uplifts and engages them. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends; making jewelry and taking time to appreciate music, her surroundings and welcoming each new opportunity.


Sherri Warren
Sister of Keith Warren
Founder and Executive Director of The Keith Warren Justice Foundation