This is another example of the damage and lasting effects of how uncheck discrimination can derail a life with so much light and promise. I will continue to say it loud and on repeat…. when those put in power to protect and serve choose not to do their jobs or pick and choose what is important to the community they serve you will have a tragedy such as this. If you run for an particular office such as on a county council or State Attorney John McCarthy and you decide your individual beliefs will only serve the part of the community you feel worthy, you will have a Autumn Roberson-Manahan or an injustice like a #KeithWarren . The system failed this child and her family. I pray for peace for Autumn Roberson-Manahan and her family. I pray that those who run for public office such as the ones mention below, take into consideration their entire community and not the ones they pick and choose to serve.

Taunted for being Black, a student fought back, civil rights complaint says. The 30-second fight derailed her life.