This is from a friend of Sherri’s. “I’ve shared all the info with a couple colleagues of mine, one who lead all investigators with the (name deleted) State Troopers….as well a Sergeant in (information deleted), who is now retired and works cold cases…I had just asked them to review the docs and photos etc….so they did. Both came back quickly with “something seriously stinks here” kind of replies. That was my first impression as you know. However, the problem faced here now is the evidence is all gone….except for the folks in that room, who are left know more than they are telling. There are too many inconsistencies in the stories, the reports, the evidence known today as described…..just too much that doesn’t add up and they were there, so have to know the real answer.”
“Poor police work is an understatement here…..and things have changed a lot in the last 20 years to keep this kind of stuff from happening…like laws requiring certain things be done in all unattended deaths (any time a physcian is not monitoring, like hospital.”