Police may arrest you if they have probable cause, hard evidence that you committed a crime. You can give your name and address other than that you have the legal right to remain silent.

This needs to be expressed in a calm non-threatening manner and with clarity, “I am going to remain silent I would like to speak to an attorney”.  Do not talk about anything that has to do with your arrest with anyone until you have an attorney present. Be mindful patrol and detectives are trained in the art of coerced conversation.

Do not sign anything without your attorney present you may be wavering your rights or confessions to a crime.  Following police procedure you will be handcuffed, searched, fingerprinted, and photographed for most offenses at the precinct.

At your request you should be searched by an officer of the gender you identify as. If this does not happen then it must be noted and the police must explain why in their command log

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Information referenced form “copwatch”