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In 1986 my mom wasn't verse on the law and Montgomery County Maryland took advantage of her lack of knowledge and used it against her. The only legal recourse in 1986 for my mom to get justice in the death of Keith had a statute of limitations of 3yrs. The lawyer my mother retained filed [...]

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If you decided to rent one of these in #Alabama #DistrictofColumbia #Maryland or #Virginia read up on #ContributoryNegligence. My mother was not versed on her rights fighting for #Justice for my brother in the state of Maryland. This post is to help understand laws & to use information to assist you in your daily lives. Disclaimer- this is for informational purposes only do not [...]

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Make information a part of your strategy when you’re out battling a War

My mother was not aware of her rights & information available to her in her quest to bring #Justice in the death of my brother & #accountability in her struggle w/Montgomery County Maryland PD. Here’s a copy of the police manual for Memphis Tennessee Police Department… this is just an example of the information available [...]

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“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”- Martin Luther King Jr

This picture unfortunately continues to grow with the names of victims which were profiled with national news coverage. Just like the AIDS quilt the names and faces of the victims we speak of including those we are not aware of...would cover the entire National Mall.  #Keithwarren #AlfredWright #KendrickJohnson #TrayvonMartin and now#JordanDavis

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