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Complete Autopsy Report

Complete 12 Page Autopsy Report Complete Autopsy report-Montgomery County Maryland Police procedure is to rule suicide, release body to funeral home of the officers choice, change the clothing, order no autopsy, then use information received 5-6hrs after the body was found to explain away and excuse their actions. Now unless the investigating officer and or [...]

The Morning Call-Lehigh Valley, PA newspaper (location of family funded autopsy)

You are here: The Morning Call home>Collections>Medical Examiner Valley Experts Refute Md. Suicide Ruling October 30, 1994|by TERESA ANN WILLIS, The Morning Call Thanks to the persistence of a Bethlehem private investigator, a Maryland woman now knows the truth about her son. He probably didn't hang himself from a tree July 31, 1986, as police [...]

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Official Medicial Ex report with inaccurrate information

Medical Ex Report 001 Corner said he spoke to victims sister Keith had only one sister "Sherri", Sherri was out-of-state and she was a minor.  Who did he speak to and how could you blatantly lie on a state sealed document and get away with it?

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