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Miranda Rights – Information you need to know

Please take a moment and update yourself on your "Miranda Rights"... knowing is half the battle. Your Voice/Vote is so important in this election cycle. Please use it to help make that change for the better, if not we will continue to have our rights slowly stripped from us. “......You have the right to remain [...]

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Know Your Rights- Social Networking

                  Social Networking, your privacy rights explained The vast majority of young people living in the United States go online daily and use social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. With all this information-sharing, many questions about ownership of personal information and possible discipline for postings [...]

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Net Neutrality


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Use of Camera’s during police stops

Police officers may not confiscate or demand to view your digital photographs or video without a warrant. The Supreme Court has ruled that police may not search your cell phone when they arrest you, unless they get a warrant. Although the court did not specifically rule on whether law enforcement may search other electronic devices such as a [...]

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State Legislative Elections , 2017

In the 50 states, there are 99 state legislative chambers and 7,383 state legislative seats. In November 2017, three of these 99 chambers are holding general elections for a total of 220 state legislative seats—roughly 3 percent of the total legislative seats in the country. Special state legislative elections are also taking place in 2017. More special elections tend to take place in odd-numbered years [...]

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Virginia House of Delegates Election 2017

  Ballotpedia identified 13 races to watch in the Virginia House of Delegates 2017 elections: four Democratic seats and nine Republican seats. Based on analysis of these districts' electoral histories, these races have the potential to be more competitive than other races and could possibly lead to shifts in a chamber's partisan balance. Heading into the general election, Republicans hold [...]

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ARREST Police may arrest you if they have probable cause, hard evidence that you committed a crime. You can give your name and address other than that you have the legal right to remain silent. This needs to be expressed in a calm non-threatening manner and with clarity, “I am going to remain silent I [...]

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